Our Purpose

Sustainable Trading Company (STC) is a trading company that focuses on developing new trading areas, building networks and brands internationally and helping products achieve sales in selected markets.

The company possesses great expertise in trade, business development, product development and brand building. The company has previously conducted product development, production, export, and sales of a specialized protein extract from incubated eggs. 

The company will now focus its sales and exports of by-products from the slaughter industry and other selected agricultural products, aimed at China and other Asian countries where these products are highly priced, as well as branding of these products and Norwegian agricultural products in general.

One of the STC missions is to meet the challenges of poor food utilization, by helping the agriculture industry find new markets for high quality products. Our unique insight in the Asian food market, aid the Norwegian agriculture industry to meet coexisting goals of better profitability and improved sustainability. The “Premium Norwegian Foods” brand coin the superior quality of Norwegian grown foods.