Achieving sustainability is a shared responsibility!

Each and one of us, even if we are represented through governments, organizations, businesses or ourselves as individuals, share a common interest in preserving and developing this planet as a place worth living in. The role of both small and big cooperation’s in society is shifting. Entrepreneurship challenge the established structures, and the new generations demand a new set of values to be integrated in business thinking and modelling. We think that the thousands of business enterprises around the globe will now be rising to claim their rightful place as role models in the process of regaining a global sustainability equilibrium.

To us in Articlion, a set of universal values motivates us to push our boundaries for what we believe can be achieved through business:

  • Respect for intrinsic value of all living creatures
  • Encouragement for all cultures to thrive and co-exist.
  • Our duty to hand over a planet in good shape to our children


We believe that in our lifetime, as traditional paradigms are challenged, resources will be fully utilized and new innovations will be put to their rightful use, and we will be able solve some of humanity’s greatest and deepest challenges.

The strengths of Articlion lies in our combined wide range of life and business experiences, as well as an asymmetrical way of looking at and tackling challenges. We utilize these traits to enable processes, connect and implement technologies and models in innovative ways where they can be put in the best use for society.

As you can see, we take our work seriously. We do so because we believe with the deepest conviction that new innovations, disruptive thinking and wise implementations will bring unparalleled benefits to the world. We believe that through creative thinking technology innovation and resources will be put to its rightful use and the human spirit of continued and unending progress will continue. This is our mission, to help spur this forward in every way we can. We look forward to doing so with you.