vlcc tanker stocks: Oil tankers face choppy seas as wave of new ships weighs on rates

Contents: VLCC forays into Africa, floats 70:30 joint venture with Kenya’s Sameer Group LATEST NEWS Indian Oil Corp buys first shale oil from US JSW Infrastructure beefs up capacity to achieve 200 MT target by 2020 Other https://1investing.in/ like Shipping Corporation of India trades with a P/E of 11.25 and is expensive while Mercator Lines […]

depletion expense is computed by multiplying the depletion cost per unit by the: Calculate Depletion Expense Formula Example

Contents: Changes in the Exploration Units Extracted Accounting Depletion is computed by multiplying the depletion cost per unit by the Calculation Depletion Cost: Information needed to compute a depletion charge per unit includes the a. Amount of resources sold during the period. Cumulative amount of resources removed. Estimated total amount of resources available for removal. […]

Bancorp Inc The TBBK Live Stock Price, Forecast & News

Contents: Price target Investor sentiment improves as stock rises 17% What can be the highest Possible price of TBBK stock in next 2 weeks? Revenue Growth Rainbows and Unicorns: The Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ:TBBK) Analysts Just Became A Lot More Optimistic Our forecasting algorithm uses various machine learning and deep learning techniques to forecast the future […]

Forex take profit: Forex Orders: Take Profit, Stop Loss and Others

Contents: Using Stop Loss & Take Profit in the Forex Market How do I set Stop Loss and Take Profit when placing an order? EURUSD potential ascending wedge breakdown on hourly For the other options, the order can remain valid until it is eventually executed or cancelled by you. A sell stop order is a […]

The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc IPG Stock Price, Quote & News

Contents: Laser Stocks to Watch in a Challenging Industry IPG Photonics Announces Changes to the Board of Directors Here’s Why Interpublic Group (IPG) is a Strong Value Stock Stocks to Watch From the Booming Advertising & Marketing Industry The economic shock resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic will result in a «significant near-term pullback» in advertising, […]

Forex Trader Psychology

Contents: Trader Psychology Tricks To Make You A Forex Winner Some tips on how you can improve your trading psychology Dealing with losses and extended drawdown periods Conduct research and analysis Discipline The more you practice awareness of your mistakes, the easier it gets to recognize when you are about to go down the wrong […]