Our Vision

Our vision is to make the world a healthier place to live - a little longer!

Artic Healthcare AS consists of 2 different business areas, Infection Control Equipment & Dietary Supplements

  • The Infection Control Equipment products are branded as Presana
  • The Dietary Supplement products are branded as Prosana



COVID-19 has been a game changer, where infection control equipment has become a natural a part of everyone’s lives.

We realized that this situation changes the need for infection control equipment in the long run and wanted to be make a difference by offering sustainable infection control equipment. The company Presana AS was established as a wholly owned Norwegian company located at Høvik near Oslo. Presana is now the quality brand with consumer-friendly prices.

Presana is the no. 1 Infection Control Equipment brand in Norwegian pharmacies and among the 3 leading brands in Norwegian grocery/retail chains in Norway. Aeris is sold all throughout the Scandinavian countries. We take pride in taking the lead in establishing infection control equipment as a new category in the trade.

After 6 months in business, the national pharmacy chain market leader, Apotek 1 appointed us the reward: “Effort of the year!”. A few months later, the largest national grocery chain, NorgesGruppen appointed us as 1 of 3 carefully selected suppliers in infection control equipment.

Success with face masks opened a vast array of new opportunities towards the trade. These days, we are rolling out a new line of infection control equipment partnering up with SoftOx hand disinfection, a natural and effective alternative to alcohol as a disinfection vehicle. The unique properties of the SoftOx range of products are set to revolutionize both the disinfectant and wound irrigation markets. In addition, our “biodegradable face mask” R&D project aims at making the first high quality surgical single use face mask from Microfibrillated Cellulose. 

We believe in making sustainable innovations for the future possible, – challenging partners in doing so. We call it – “the Presana-way”.



Dietary Supplement Immune Support Series - 68 degrees North

You can influence your health

Modern people live in a toxic environment which a has a negative impact of their life & health.

  • Exposure to pollution through water, food, and air.
  • Hectic life in cities without access to beautiful nature.
  • Cheap, industrialized, and unhealthy food.
  • Lack of sufficient physical activity.

Consequently, lifestyle diseases prosper (diabetes, obesity, cancer, mental issues etc.) reducing life expectancy and decreasing life quality. 

Boost your immune system
We want to help people achieve healthier and better lives by offering products / services that balance out the negative aspects that the environment exposes us to by offering relevant dietary supplements and services so that everyone can realize their potential for maximum good health. We have developed a series of carefully selected cod liver oil supplements to balance out the negative effect of such environmental factors. The various products are especially selected based on their ability to improve health & by contributing to strengthening the immune system. Most people fail to get all the fatty acids and vitamins they need through their diets. Therefore, getting them through nutritional supplements is a practical solution to getting everything you need.

Pure, fresh & 100 % natural cod liver oil
An extensive coastline with long and rich seafood traditions are the natural conditions that create a unique environment for the best possible raw materials to be used in our dietary supplements. In the north, clean, cold & arctic sea, the water temperature is even and low, and the natural conditions are perfect for producing healthy and sustainable cod liver oil. These optimal conditions means that wild, arctic, cod grow more slowly and over a longer period than ordinary cod. It helps keep cod fresh and healthy and contributes to a unique product with perfect quality & taste.

Your inspirational source for better health
Prosana will act as an inspirational source and guide you through relevant content by offering dietary supplements, health articles written by experts, blogs, tips, etc. so you can be able to optimize your own health. By following advice and buying products / services on, you will prevent lifestyle diseases, achieve a higher quality of life, and live longer! In other words, reach your potential for maximum health.