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You need to know what your trading edge is with 100% certainty and then ONLY trade when it’s present. Once you start trading just because you “feel like it” or because you “sort of” see your trading edge…you kick off a roller coaster of emotional trading that can be very hard to stop. Don’t start over trading and you will likely not become an emotional Forex trader. In forex trading, actively managing open positions is just as important as coming up with your plan. Here’s what you should remember when watching your trades.

Some would not even follow their intuition; they will follow the crowd to make popular trading moves which may eventually lead to massive failure. As with most successful traders, do not let the fear of missing out be the force to distract you from a trading strategy. Staying disciplined is a critical psychological practice that will helps traders gain success. If you plan on making a career in forex trading, your primary concern should be to find consistency in your trades. This will set you on the path to becoming a profitable trader. The success rate for traders in Forex isn’t the highest, but if you’re determined to trade for a living you must do everything you can to become a funded trader.


When he is told not to repeat the same mistake again, he says he can’t help it. Although he intellectually knows he should stop making the mistake, he can’t. He keeps repeating it and as a result, repeats his losses over and over again, too. Men are socially conditioned to succeed from the moment they enter the world. Influenced by family, friends, education, and career environment, they are encouraged to seek professions as doctors, lawyers, and bankers. Striving to be right, number one, the breadwinner, and the best, always seeking perfectionism.

Trader Psychology Tricks To Make You A Forex Winner

It is often said that a trader’s worst enemy is himself, his own emotions and his bias when trading. Beginners first learn how to use trading platforms, terminology, technical and fundamental analysis, risk management and probabilities. The next step is developing a trading strategy that fits a trader.

The psychology of trading – FXStreet

The psychology of trading.

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FOMO can be triggered by various factors, such as volatile markets, prolonged winning/losing streaks, news and rumours, as well as social media. FOMO can manifest individually or even collectively in the markets. A recent case is in January 2021 when a discussion in a popular social media forum, Reddit, triggered massive demand for GameStop stock. The stock posted abnormal gains within a couple of days before tumbling again to below its initial price levels. During the frenzy period, retail investors flocked to join the ‘party’ but many would have counted losses afterwards simply because the trade was made euphorically. To avoid succumbing to FOMO tendencies, a trader should develop and rigorously stick to a solid trading plan that has defined entry and exit rules as well as a reasonable risk management plan.

Some tips on how you can improve your trading psychology

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Dealing with losses and extended drawdown periods

Update it to the latest version or try another one for a safer, more comfortable and productive trading experience. When things do not go your way, the negativity may eventually creep up on you. If you start feeling overwhelmed and are suffering from trading fatigue, take a break. Read on to learn about the emotions you may face and how you can overcome them. I’d like to view’s products and services that are most suitable to meet my trading needs. I understand that residents of my country are not be eligible to apply for an account with this offering, but I would like to continue.


When angry, your perspective is skewed decision-making altered and trading psychology compromised. Most of the time, anger is a product of poor risk management and losing money rapidly. There may be no better investment advice than learning to master one’s own mentality.

Any strategic preparation you do is meaningless if you have not prepared yourself mentally or emotionally. Stock markets on the other hand tend to attract more patient individuals who are willing to do their research and wait for the right opportunity. Most stock traders focus on fundamental research, looking at a company’s earnings and true value, before making a trade. This is true whether they’re looking to go long – believing a company will increase in value – or go short in the belief it’s overvalued. Forex markets are notoriously volatile, which means they move quickly and profits can turn to losses in the blink of an eye. The market tends to attract quick-thinking and disciplined participants.

Triggers can be external things like other people’s opinions or news events that are going on in the world. They can also be internal things like emotions or feelings happening inside us, such as excitement or anger. If you want to master the psychology of trading, the first step is to know yourself. You need to know what triggers you subconsciously to react, behave or take certain actions.


The emotion of from losing out is otherwise known as loss aversion. To overcome this, a trader needs to approach their trading activities similarly to how a business is run. There will always be opportunities in the market, and you should enter trades based on your trading plan, not simply because you are afraid of missing out on a potential profit. Learn the trading psychology of embracing your emotions to master your trades. Simply put, without emotions, you’ll end up making erratic decisions based on impulse. If and when you remove emotions from your trading, you’ll end up in a very dangerous position, left with impulsive decisions based on a whim.

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Trading Forex Market – 25/01/2023.

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Using management and discipline is crucial, but you aren’t perfect. Finally, understand that some days might have more trades than others. It depends on the market, and you should align it with your strategy. Trading psychology is a term that includes the feelings and emotions a typical trader encounters when trading. Some are helpful, but others, such as nervousness, fear, anxiety, and greed, must be contained. Most traders experience more negative effects than positive ones.


Let your profits run is an expression that encourages traders to resist the tendency to sell winning positions too early. It’s important for traders to remain flexible and consider experimenting from time to time. For example, you might consider using options to mitigate risk. One of the best ways a trader can learn is by experimenting . Not being able to stick to your forex trading plan may be more than just a result of mere impulsiveness or the lack of discipline. Why do traders have a hard time maximizing their trading winners?

Despite a common misbelief, the best traders are not the ones who studied all the books and indicators. They owe their success no less to emotional control than experience. The best way of dealing with emotional problems is acquiring a logical approach to trading.